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Words became magical for me at a very early age. My father would crack puns over the eggs at the breakfast table long before I knew what a pun was. Words were fun. 

With age came a deeper understanding of the power of words. Deep discussions with my parents at the dinner table or long talks about the nature of the world at bedtime captivated my imagination. My mind could go anywhere with words and of course I became an avid reader. The more I read, the more new stories would grow within me. 
Aside from my father, professor Ellen Arl at the University of South Carolina Sumter was a great influence. Her class in advanced writing scared some students enough to change their majors, but I was determined. Though she never told me directly, she mentioned to another professor that I had the potential to make it (as a writer).  Ms. Arl never knew that professor told me what she’d said, but those words were a gift.  Over the years they have continued to give me courage to try, to find my own voice, and have confidence that the words of my heart and mind could be a blessing to others.  She told us to write what we know, and I have.
I found within myself a deep passion for the arts.  I had the tremendous joy of sharing the treasures I discovered within my own community by covering the arts for a local newspaper and writing features. No story, assigned or discovered, was ever ordinary or boring. I see God’s glory all around me and am honored when I can share that vision with others. It can be in anything from a day at the beach to the texture of fabric in a modern sculpture. Stories are everywhere, but all stories revolve around people, a constant source of inspiration and wonder.
Having the opportunity to help care for my parents during several health crises has also become a source inspiration and blessing, and of course, challenge. God has shown me that such journeys, especially for writers, are meant to be shared as a way to help others. 
Though I’m not a great fan of horror stories, I am a tremendous fan of the writer Steven King. His book, On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft is a masterpiece –simple, straightforward, usable, and real.

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