Cany Arrington book

The September 1 release of When Your Aging Parent Needs Care - Practical Help for the Season of Life has launched us on a new journey with the book and our lives.  When the first author's copy arrived, a few tears were shed - happy ones, of course.  Now we're out to spread the word about the book and its mission. We have taken the heart and soul of our journeys as caregivers and offer it to others.  We've combined the stories of others too, all who give voice to the usually silent caregivers' challenge. 

A friend who looked over that first sacred copy glanced up from skimming its pages and said, "It's not just a book.  It's a ministry."  I couldn't have been more thrilled with her words.  It really is a ministry.  According to Webster, to minister is to "give aid or service."  That is indeed our goal.  We want this book to reach out to others and make a difference.  For those of you on a caregiving journey, please know you’re not alone. 

The book website is up at Candy and I will be blogging about caregiver issues from there and we encourage your feedback.  On the site we also offer topics that we're willing to speak about.  I cerainly hope to reach many with the book, however, meeting caregivers face to face and helping them take heart and find encouragment is also something I feel led to do as opportunities arise.  Caregivers take heart, you’re not alone, and you’re doing God’s work.